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Fortitude of the Soul Vinyl Sticker

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Featuring a portrait in the caverns to discover yourself and your inner strength through the sabertooth tiger, this graphic is inspired by Vicklore's poem, Fortitude of the Soul, found on our blog page.

Excerpt from Fortitude of the Soul poem:

"Now standing face to face
I whisper to the tiger, “I am you, I am not afraid anymore”
The tiger takes a step back and after a thunderous roar to my face, kneels in front of me
The chains break from my wrists
I either let the pain chain me and constantly slash at me
Or I stand up and face it ~ grow and rise from it
I walk out of the dark cavern ~ the sun shining rays on the scars ~ healing
The tiger right beside me
The warm, clean air of Mother Earth fills my lungs as I lay my hand on the tiger's head
We exchange a look of appreciation and I feel
I am brave, loving, and passionate - I am the creator of my destiny"

Product Details
  • Sticker size: 2.7" x 2"
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Scratch-proof
  • UV protected

Materials and Care

Fortitude of the Soul Vinyl Sticker - Vicklore
Fortitude of the Soul Vinyl Sticker Sale price$3.25