Hi, we are Kaitlin and Vick! We are siblings and the Co-Founders of Vicklore. Our journey into the world of apparel began not just from our love for style and design, but from a place of adversity. We have faced challenges and navigated through tough times. Yet, through it all, we discovered the transformative power of self-expression through fashion. Each piece tells a story, and we hope that through our clothing, we can share these stories with you, sparking courage and confidence. Join us on this adventure.


Vicklore represents a diverse community, supportive and empathetic to all forms of challenges. Part sporty, part casual, part streetwear, Vicklore inspires us to arise from difficulty with courage and choose to connect with others. The strength of the pack means we are stronger together.


Our sabertooth tiger symbolizes Resilience and Pack Strength.

The sabertooth tiger triumphs over adversity with a resilient mindset.

Vicklore understands the importance of developing support and connection with others in overcoming difficulty. Some scientists speculate that sabertooth tigers hunted in packs and cared for their own, helping to get food for those in advanced age and injured. It is believed that the pack may have cared for all members, leaving none behind.

FUN FACT: Our sabertooth tiger features several scar marks on its body, including a V-shaped scar for Vicklore. Even with battle scars, it faces forward and moves onward with persistent intention. Scars symbolize the battles we have fought and the victories we have won.


The Vicklore logo is a crest with the teeth of the sabertooth tiger arranged to form the letter V surrounded by vines and spears.

Spears have varied symbologies. Vicklore's double-pointed crossed spears represent fortitude, diversity, empathy, and encouragement.

The vines symbolize a solid desire to grow, even in the harshest environments. Vines may start out on the ground and are often stepped on but nothing stops them from pursuing and growing toward sunlight.