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Primeval Traditional Tattoo Collection

Inked art inspired by the past

Carrying tales as old as time

The Caveman Reaper

Wrap yourself in a poetic embrace

the poet's corner

Symbolizing resilience and pack strength

Teeth of Valor Hoodie


Introducing our brand’s Primeval Traditional Tattoo Collection. This exclusive lineup takes inspiration from the prehistoric era, infusing it with the timeless beauty of traditional tattoo art. Our collection pays tribute to the strength and resilience of prehistoric life, allowing wearers to connect with their primal roots while embracing the sophistication of classic tattoo art. Each garment carries the essence of ancient tales, making it more than just clothing – it’s a conversation piece, an artistic treasure, and a celebration of history.

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Envelop yourself in a poetic embrace with styles inspired by one of our founder's poems, "Fortitude of the Soul" and "Solider For Love". You carry the words of resilience and self-acceptance with you, a constant reminder of your strength and worth. Each garment becomes a personal statement, radiating confidence and inspiring others to embark on their own path of self-love and fortitude.

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This lineup embodies our core values of empathy, encouragement, fortitude, and diversity. Our hoodies and sweatshirts are more than just cozy garments; they are symbols of encouragement. Each piece is carefully crafted to inspire and empower individuals to make a positive impact, and celebrate the beauty of diversity. By wearing our collection, you become an advocate for these values, spreading a message of kindness, and resilience to the world.

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Our sabertooth tiger has several scars on its body, including one V-shaped for Vicklore. Even with battle scars, it faces forward and moves onward with persistent intention. Scars symbolize the emotional and physical battles we have fought and the victories we have won.