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    Our sabertooth tiger has several scars on its body, including a V-shaped one for Vicklore. Even with battle scars, it faces forward and moves onward with persistent intention. Scars symbolize the emotional and physical battles we have fought and the victories we have won.

My Favorite Shirt!

Great!I love the design and the shirt is very well made.

Troy N.

Bend, OR


I bought this shirt for my girlfriend as a Valentines Day surprise and it has become her favorite shirt! Great quality, good material, great fit!

Chrissy B

Denver, CO

So Worth It!

This is just the coolest shirt period. The color is awesome and the design is out of this world cool. Looked so great on my boyfriend and he loved it! Fit him perfectly!!

Tiara N.

Nashville, TN

Love the fit

This shirt is dope and fits me well, has become one of my favorites in my closet.

Jonathan J

Woodland Hills, CA