Willpower, Bravery, Self-Awareness, Pack Strength

When we first created the Vicklore brand, we wanted an animal represented that has been extinct. We quickly recognized that the Sabertooth Tiger best represented our brand’s story.

Vicklore is about recognizing and honoring all of life’s personal challenges and how important it is to have support and connection with others to help overcome difficulty. Scientists have observed that sabertooth tigers hunted in packs and cared for their own, helping to get food for those in advanced age and who were injured. Also, males and females are indistinguishable in size and appear to be more equal. Physically speaking, this is a great symbol of equality. Emotionally, the pack cared for all members, leaving none behind if advanced in age or injured.

We pay homage to the sabertooth tiger, recognizing its traits of willpower, fierce strength, and courage. Even with battle scars, it still faces forward and moves onward with persistent intention. The tiger characterizes a persevering attitude with awareness that the extent of its strength came from the pack.

What is the logo about?

The Vicklore logo is a crest with the teeth of the sabertooth tiger arranged to form the letter V surrounded by vines and spears. 

Spears have numerous meanings to different people. For Vicklore, the double pointed crossed spears represent strength, assertiveness, honor, and protection. 

The vines symbolize a strong desire to grow, even in the harshest environments.  Vines may start out on the ground and often are trampled on but nothing stops them from pursuing and growing toward sunlight.