Fortitude of the Soul - Vicklore

Fortitude of the Soul

I’ve dealt with mental and emotional pain
Appearing from different aspects of life, past and present
The equivalence of standing in an underground dark cavern
Chained and brutally slashed, left and right
Breathlessness and the searing pain of the scars being formed
The teasing of the sabertooth tiger lurking around me, waiting to slash again
Falling to my knees with my head down ~ alone, alone, alone
I feel the pounding in my chest of something alive ~ my heart
The passion, the fire, the love that I know lives within me
I look up to the peering green eyes in the darkness
The tiger inches closer ~ two sharp fangs and scar marks on its body
I stand back up for I have realized something
I am no longer fearful of pain
I can overcome it, as it makes every beat of my heart stronger
Now standing face to face
I whisper to the tiger, “I am you, I am not afraid anymore”
The tiger takes a step back and after a thunderous roar to my face, kneels in front of me
The chains break from my wrists
I either let the pain chain me and constantly slash at me
Or I stand up and face it ~ grow and rise from it
I walk out of the dark cavern ~ the sun shining rays on the scars ~ healing
The tiger right beside me
The warm, clean air of Mother Earth fills my lungs as I lay my hand on the tiger's head
We exchange a look of appreciation and I feel
I am brave, loving, and passionate - I am the creator of my destiny
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