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Article: Soldier for Love

Soldier for Love - Vicklore

Soldier for Love

Born with a fierce compassion for others, my heart stood fiery and passionate
A shield in one hand for protection and a glowing spear in the other
To spread the light for which is love and kindness
Child-like and naive to start, my world was soon to be tested
My shield growing with slashes and dents
As I start to feel the growing screams of not feeling accepted
Running frantically to the chamber which once held my fiery heart
To only see the light dusting of frost accumulate on the surface
This can’t be, I can’t grow cold, I refuse it
A new helmet, placed on my head to hide away
As I tend to a heart that’s starting to feel the prickle of icicles
Alone, isolated, to rebuild
The scent of firewood burning as the ice starts melting away
The fire starting to burn brighter and taller
My heart absorbing all of the warmth
Reborn and rising from the brink of an ice age
Confident, Passionate, Loving
I belong here
Tossing away the helmet for I will no longer hide who I am
Unafraid of the chatter, I am no longer just a soldier for love
I am now a captain, and you can be one too

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